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Meet the Founder of Oshun Birth & Lactation, LLC

Your Choices Honored.

I’m a non-medical trained professional that provides birthing families with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birthing, lactation, & beyond. As a Birth Doula, Postpartum Companion, Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator, & Yoga Instructor my ultimate goal is to offer soul comfort and knowledge. I am here for you in whatever capacity feels authentic and true. Let’s get started on customizing your experience.

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Ambi The Doula: Welcome

Birth work is soul work.

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Amber Ward, CLC, CFSD (BADT) she/her

Amber is a mother, student midwife, lactation counselor, full spectrum doula, certified yoga  instructor, military spouse and owner of Oshun Birth & Lactation LLC! She recently transitioned to the beautiful island of Oahu from Germany, where she lived for 4.5 years. Since arriving in Hawaii, Amber has been active in the community by joining a team of community based doulas through Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies. The program provides support to Marginalized communities and BIPOC birthing families. Amber is also the Program Director of Mom2Mom Oahu, a lactation support group for active duty and military spouses. Amber is an advocate for creating birth spaces that are also brave spaces focused on centering the voices of birthing families. Pregnancy is a delicate and emotional time and so is the healing we experience afterwards. In her journey as a birth-worker she hopes to guide, comfort, and support families through the marathon of childbirth with knowledge, compassion, and transparency. Amber uses evidence based knowledge and cultural compassion to ensure that  birthing individuals feel empowered to curate a birthing experience that is everything  they envision it to be. She understands that things don’t always go according plan, but her goal as a birth companion,  is to ensure that when they don’t, you have choices and feel respected.

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